July 28

So many sports, so little time...

Literally - SO MANY SPORTS!!

But loving every bit of the Olympics!!


And please...
GET FULLY VACCINATED!! (unless YOUR doctor tells you not to).
And keep wearing your mask!


messymimi said...

It's the only sporting event i really enjoy any more!

Robin said...

Size of my palm.

Rusty Ring: Blinded sphinx moth

Best of WWs!

Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

Daniela said...

Dear Messymimi
I thank you from the deep of my heart both for visiting my blog and for commenting!
And thank you for another amazing post of yours too, you're always such a surprise to me!
Hugs and more hugs to you
Daniela at ~ My little old world ~

Daniela said...

Please, forgive my mistake, I've posted my link twice!

Adelaide Dupont said...

What part of the Olympics do you like best?

[A general question].

I have enjoyed:

The opening ceremony and the Parade of Nations [working out the Fifty Sounds under which the Japanese name order would come through].

The swimming.

Artistic gymnastics.


Canoeing and kayaking.

The football.


Sara Chapman in Seattle USA said...

Curvy organic patterns of light: some magical stringbean leaves for you, today:


Linda said...

Some of the feats seem super-human.

Lydia C. Lee said...

We're in lockdown so the Olympics have been a bit of a sanity saver!