July 6

What colors am I seeing this week?

Red, white and blue, of course!!

Maybe even in that order?


Hoping you're all FULLY VACCINATED!!


messymimi said...

Hope you had a blessed and beautiful Independence Day!

Robin said...

More good news.

Rusty Ring: Resilient mottled star

Happy July to all!

Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

Adelaide Dupont said...

Terra Nova means New World.

And it was the New World that various Europeans were looking for in 1776 and before and afterwards.

Also there have been a lot of floods. [in Sydney and in regional New South Wales].

And quiet and contemplative gardens.

I am listening to the audio book SCOTT'S ANTARCTIC DIARY where Scott had encounters with penguins and unruly organs. [yes, the unruly organs are an Actual Quote].

There is a great blog called Chasing Joy where the owner has been visiting Rhode Island with her daughter and been in several stately homes in that State. Her material is so good for Wordless Wednesday.


Lisa said...

Thank you for hosting this!
Yes, I am fully vaccinated, including two boosters! My county is high risk of community infection, again, so I even wear a mask in stores, again...