August 10

I saw a school bus yesterday...

Wait, not yet - it's still summer!!

(I'm told it might have been a camp bus, phew)



messymimi said...

No such luck here, school starts this week! Way too early in my opinion, but they don't ask me.

Adelaide Dupont said...

It is roughly half-term [the long winter term looking into Spring] in lots of Australian schools

[at least some of the ones on the east coast].

Yesterday [10 August 2022] - Queenslanders enjoyed their Royal Show - EKKA.

The big thing about Ekka is strawberry ice cream which is prepared for days before and after that Show.

You will notice this is my third post about a certain multi-sport event [the Commonwealth Games] but the only one to be named after that event - at least in the Blogger case [filename/URI].

There was also Arts Week and National Science Week.

And National Aged Care Employers' Day was on the 8th August.

I have a wonderful art book - David Noonan's ONLY WHEN IT'S CLOUDLESS - which has been earning its keep keeping images on the platen when they would otherwise not co-operate.

Another art book I purchased was WHEN LAKES ONCE HAD WATER by Leber and Chesworth [Sonia and David respectively].

It is about a sonic multimedia ecological and environmental excavation on Country.


A historical saga novelist is looking up historical school starting dates for their revisions of a 1950s-set text.

They have good ideas for checking those dates.

Probably not about the subjective dissonance though.

You, too, are good with dates and their contexts.

I was looking up material on the Tuileries and the 10 August 1792 insurrection

[can you believe that is 230 years ago? A drop in the river in all the perspectives of geological time and geopolitical space]

[and, yes, twenty years AFTER the FIRST Partition of Poland - then there were others - 1793 and 1795 - and the LAST one is sort of the only one I remember].

[I cannot believe I thought the Tuileries were a place for knitting; sewing; crocheting and quilting].


Linda said...

Some schools around here started this week. It seems too early to me.

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA said...

Lavender you can practically smell, for you today: