September 14

Days like summer, nights like fall...

Welcome to mid September, y'all!!



Robin said...

Unintentional genius.

Rusty Ring: Van Gogh's bedroom

Happy WW!

Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

Adelaide Dupont said...

Everyone wanted to know how Helen Keller perceived colour.

Some of this knowledge was prurient; some was strictly informative - there is no doubt that it palpated with fascination.

When I read Joseph P Lash's magisterial biography - and how he used interviews with Nella Braddy Henney [the writer of Annie Sullivan's biography] - I was particularly captured by the way she described pink.

Helen had a very beloved little sister Mildred - and that was how she was able to observe the warmth and tenor of "a baby's cheek"

and thus call it pink.

Now of course when a baby cries it can grow red and sometimes it grows puckled.

Robin: I too used an artist. In my case it was Pablo Picasso.

The Winter Masterpieces have celebrated Picasso. Many works came from the Pompidou [France] to the National Gallery of Victoria [Australia] - and many collective works were also used from private and government people.

I am up to the section CUBISM SETTLES DOWN [after the First World War and into the 1920s and 1930s - so Picasso being in his early and mid-career; along with his friends like Juan Gris; Marie-Therese Walter; Georges Braques] and learning all about the great influences.

Ah - the connection between genius and intentionality!

I have seen the afterlife of Van Gogh in clothing and in fashion - especially STARRY STARRY NIGHT.

And it would be natural to extend to homeware furnishings - for example curtains; comforters; pillows; fitted sheets; shelving - to take only someone's bedroom. Even change mats and white noise machines and, well, PINK NOISE machines.

The craft aspect of Picasso interested me a lot. He was the first artist I know that embraced periodicity.

Monet and the Impressionists [remember van Gogh is a POST-impressionist - like Paul Cezanne] were much more "place" people than "time" or "in their time" people.

[and even there I detect exceptions in their practices - for example some moments in Monet's Garden which I experienced about or over 10 years ago].

messymimi said...

That's a cute rhyme, i'll have to remember it!

Adelaide Dupont said...


Oh, yes

"Days like summer; nights like fall".

I remember November nights in particular being SHORT and COLD.

September and October - not necessarily so harsh - not before Hallowe'en.

And I imagine the fall-like night causing conflict.

We are coming up to the Equinox.

Something else I remember encoded in song is HOT SUMMER NIGHTS by a band called Night.