March 15

Did somebody order a snowstorm?

It sure as heck wasn't me!!

But yes, it is kind of pretty.



Robin said...

It's back again! Good eating while they last!

Rusty Ring: Nettle season

Happy WW!

Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

XmasDolly said...

Hello! HELLO! I've been off a long time & its like I forgot everything! I'm disabled now, so all I can do is sit here by my computer to have fun, but I have to learn everything all over again & let me tell you I feel like I'm in kindergarten all over again! SHEESH! When I finally got it tonite all by myself it was like WOO HOO! I DID IT! Have a great day & HELLO AGAIN FROM XmasDolly HUGS!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I just found you again. Thank you for keeping this linkie going and going and going. ;o)

isabella kramer - veredit said...

No, but here was the same winter come-back :D